About my Dissertation

My study examined the experiences of queer men of color in their first year of higher education. The purpose of this research was to determine what, if any, are ways queer men of color negotiate the intersection of their identity at a four-year institution. Participants in this study included undergraduate students who identified as queer men of color and completed at least one year in higher education. Utilizing qualitative research methods, five young men who attended a California State University or a University of California institution were interviewed and asked to participant in three separate interviews. The first interview focused on the K-12 experience and the second interview focused on their first-year experience. The third and final interview outlined how they documented their first year of higher education via photographs and social media and what type of experiences they had with their peers in the first year. This study found that despite the negative experiences these participants had prior to their first year of higher education, college helped them develop a greater sense of self and provide access to greater networks of support.