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The Movement And The Future: There Is No Black History Or Black Civil Rights Without Black LGBTQ | EFNIKS

We have to acknowledge that all struggles for freedom are connected and this cannot be done without attention to what this means for every Black person, regardless of how they identify sexually.


The Age of Love: These Queer Black Elders Show You Their Lasting Partnership and Tell Your How to Get There, Too | EFNIKS

There is nothing more amazing than seeing two people in love. Especially when it is two Black men who found each other at the prime of their lives.

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Black Mirror: Reflection on My Fathers Incarceration | SYFY

No one can ever understand the pain of what the prison system can do to a family and rarely do we ever discuss the power dynamics that are involved.For most families who are dealing with an incarcerated family member, the situation always comes back to the interactions that said family member has with those who are in positions of authority.


The Real Anti-Blackness of Comedy | The Root 

I suggest that those who celebrate Cardi B and judge Tiffany Haddish only do so because of anti-blackness and respectability politics.

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7 Famous Queer People of Color Redefining Body Positivity | Pride 

There are so many QPOC celebs leading the way in the body positive movement!


By embracing your aesthetic and all elements of who you are, you are in fact telling the world that your intersectional existence matters and that it can not and will not be erased.


Marsha P. Johnson's Life Isn't White People's Story To Tell | Wear Your Voice 


There are thousands of Black trans women who, if given the right resources, could have really educated us about the plight, successes and experiences of trans women of color.


Fixing The Lives of Male Childhood Rape Survivors | The Root 

This weekend’s episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life dealt with a topic that often goes unmentioned in the black community: childhood rape and male survivors.


'American Horror Story: Cult' Reveals What Really Scares White People | Wear Your Voice 

American Horror Story: Cult doesn’t give justice to the American horror story that is being a QTPOC.


When Do We Have a Responsibility To Speak Out | SOULE

This debate brings up a very interesting question regarding advocacy and using one’s platform to address inequity in the LGBTQ community: Do artists like Hall, Rupaul & Lee have a responsibility to speak up about racial disparities that queer Black/Brown people face?


A Reminder: Black Queer People Are Whole| The Root 


The Emmys were this past Sunday, and they were nothing short of black star power. From a black actor winning for the first time in decades in the drama category to a black comedian winning in a comedy series directed and written by all black people, one could say that the event was the most inclusive and representative of black people in the 69 years of the show.


Black Superheroes are Here to Save the Day | The Root 

News flash: Being a black superhero is in. Whether that means being able to walk through a sea of bullets or being able to protect yourself with a 6-inch machete, black superheroes are here to stay.News flash: Being a black superhero is in. Whether that means being able to walk through a sea of bullets or being able to protect yourself with a 6-inch machete, black superheroes are here to stay.


The Never Ending Battle To Stop Homophobia Within Our Own Communities | Into

It is 2018, and we are still having to have the conversation about homophobia in the Black community. Sigh. What Hussle posted isn’t something that we queer people have never heard. In fact, the homophobia that many people of color face within their communities are things we’ve come to expect due to how many marginalized people will still feed upon systems of power they themselves battle against.


Being Authentic in an 'Insecure' World | Into 

The breakout show has become famous for telling stories that are never told. And in Season 2, QPOC stories rose to the surface thanks to people like actor/writer christopher oscar penã.


I Need An Accomplice, Not an Ally | EFNIKS


Being an ally during this time is not enough, because right now it only lets people know that you recognize that the tiki torches aren’t coming after you, and we need more than recognition.

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So Lets Talk About Safe Space | Medium 

For most queer black individuals like myself, I am constantly having to question the culture within said environment. Will the space be inclusive? Will people in the space understand or comprehend why I do not ascribe to the binary? In most cases, most places are highly heteronormative and do not provide space for LGBTQ people to feel included in conversation or community.


Why Black-ish Is Winning This Season | The Root 

For years there has been a progressive erasure of high-quality black, mainstream television sitcoms. It feels as if, after Family Matters and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air went off the air, the idea of black family comedies went right out the door with them. Though many have tried (My Wife and Kids, Reed Between the Lines), the quality and thought-provoking content featuring black families has been subpar.


How One Album Saved My Life | EFNIKS

I have always said that Pink’s second album; “Mizundastood” saved my life. Each track, each lyric spoke to me on a spiritual level, one that no other artist or album has even been able to accomplish in my life.


A Reminder: Why White Poverty Will Always Be Difference Than Black Poverty 

The struggle is real y’all. It is even more real for black people.


A Safe Space for Pride | EFNIKS 

As Audre Lorde once said, “The personal is always political”.  Yes, Pride should stand for equality, but if we are stating that these events are rooted in social justice we must make these event equitable to all who attend.


Everything I Needed To Learn Happened After College| Blavity 

I thought college was going to teach me everything I needed to know about being a young, black queer man, but it was not until I graduated that I learned some of the most critical things about what it means to be a graduate


The Silencing of Black Women In Politics | Blavity 

Why is it that we go up for white female politicians, while trying to silence and dismiss the voices of black ones?


On Loving White People and Hating Whiteness |The Root

There is a difference between loving white people and loving whiteness. 


On Black Men and Mental Health | The Root

They say it is only funny until everyone stops laughing. Well, today we’ve stopped laughing, and many of us are quite concerned.


White Women: Queer Black Men Are Not Here To Be Your Accessories | Wear Your Voice 

It’s a tale as old as time: heterosexual, cisgender women want us as their best friends and confidants as soon as they learn that we are  queer. Add to the equation said queer male being a fantastic dancer, hair stylist or makeup artist and you are no longer just a friend, but an accessory to their lives.

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5 Ways to Support Black LGBTQ in Times of Uncertainty | Blavity 

When you hear LGBTQ and black, what do you think able out? Rupaul? Drag queens? The new song by CupcakKe? Is it your favorite hairstylist or makeup artist, and the thousands of times you've asked to spill the tea? 


From Blackbird to Moonlight: Black Queer Men are More Than Enough | The Root 

The movie Moonlight has been met with critical acclaim since June. Some reviews have stated that the film is riveting because of the story that it tells: a young black gay man navigating drugs, mass incarceration and the violence of his neighborhood. Based on the play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue, the film navigates the tides and turns that queer men face when navigating elements of their racial and sexual identities.

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From The Pulpit to the People: Kim Burrell, Homosexuality and the Black Church | The Root

On Friday night, social media became ablaze when one of preacher-singer Kim Burrell’s sermons went viral. In the video, Burrell shared a hate-filled message about what she believes 2017 will look like for LGBTQ people if they fail to repent.


Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is in full swing, and the show would not be what it is without its typical storylines. From fights over who has the most expensive and well-decorated homes to who’s sleeping with whom or who’s stepping out on whom, The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues to provide enough shade for everyone to enjoy his or her favorite weekly cup of tea.


Insecure Highlights the Double Standard of Sexual Fluidity | The Root 

Sunday night’s episode of Insecure had to be one of the best in the series so far. The HBO show does well painting a picture of what it means to be a modern-day single black woman dating in Los Angeles, while examining topics of racism, sexism and microaggressions not only in the dating scene but also within the daily lives of black women.


Embracing Whiteness Won't Save You | The Root 

Black people: Embracing whiteness won't save you. 


The Tragedies of Black Masculinity | The Root 

I remember the feeling I had last week when I saw the text come in from a friend back home. The text read, “Y’all hear about North Park Elementary?” All I could do was think about the feeling I had in the pit of my stomach when I got the same text about the terrorist attack that took place in my hometown of San Bernardino, Calif., back in 2015.


Why Hollywood's Portrayal of Black Women is Problematic | The Root 

2016 started off great with lots of visible leading black women in television. In series including Empire, How to Get Away With Murder and Queen Sugar, black women continue to show that they can hold their own when it comes to leading a television series. But knowing that, I have to say something that I have felt since seeing the preview for Viola Davis’ new film, Fences.


Ex, Lies, and Murder: Why Oliver is the True Hero of HTGAWM | The Root 

Last week’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder gave us hope that both Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) and Connor (Jack Falahee) would get back together. Since the beginning of their relationship, many viewers have been rooting for the two of them to stay together because their relationship shows us what it is like to be…