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When we think of activism, we think of grassroots movements in protests. We imagine Black Lives Matter rallies and the Women’s March as facilitators for social justice. But what other forms of activism and advocacy are out there? Can there be activism in simply existing in spaces that don’t always welcome you?

Meet the 2017 Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices Fellows!

Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices is one of the country’s most competitive writing residencies and the only one in the world specifically for promising LGBTQ writers.


blackgirlnerds on Spotify | Featured Guest Playlist

Check out my Pride Month Playlist on Spotify now! 

Campus Pride announces the 2017 Camp Pride Summer Leadership

Campus Pride’s 11th annual Summer Leadership Academy Camp Pride will take place from July 18-23, 2017 in Charlotte, NC. The leadership academy is the premier national training for social justice and grassroots activism for LGBTQ and ally young adults at colleges and universities.

Why Some People of Color Believe Pride Falls Short on Representation

Pride Month is a time to celebrate LGBT people and their history, with celebrations taking place all across the country.

022: Step Away from the Pack and Create a Purpose Driven Business with Dr. Jon Higgins, QPOC Media Curator

Tune in and prepare to learn what Dr. Jon’s authentic truth looks like.

TEDx CSULB: Threads Undone

Check out the video here

This show is so gay with Ken Schneck & DoctorJonPaul

A conversation on life as a speaker, educator, thought leader and twitter figure. 

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The Plight of Queer People of Color in America

The Center for Women’s Studies welcomed Dr. Jonathan Paul Higgins Thursday, October 20. Higgins delivered a lecture titled “Adding A Bit More Color to Your Rainbow” to a group of faculty, staff and students. His talk addressed the issues that queer people of color (QPOC) face in contemporary America and the root causes of these issues. 

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Higgins Gets involved

As students poured into the Multicultural Center at last semester’s end-of-the-year debriefing for some free Panda Express, many stop and talk to a recognizable face: Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs Jon Higgins.

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ATTN: What It's Like Attending a Black Church as an LGBT Person

Growing up is hard for everyone, especially when we're exploring our identities, and it's that much harder when one's identity is rejected as a sin by the community one's growing up in.

Black Queers and Allies

Ever notice that queers within the Black community are often overlooked? Joined us for an interesting discussion on the intersectionalities of being queer and Black as well as how to be an ally.


Doctor Jon Paul, speaker/activist, joins the show this week to discuss the experiences of being Black and Queer in current times. We Deconstruct ideas of hypermasculinity and its effects on self-expression, dating, and true freedom. 

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CSUSB alumnus Jonathan Higgins is the guest speaker

The next Conversations on Diversity presentation will feature Cal State San Bernardino alumnus Jonathan Higgins, who will discuss “Adding a Little Bit More Color to Your Rainbow,” on Thursday, Jan. 26.